"Every time I saw an AR-15, I visualized a bad ass pen."

Rico Adams, Designer & CEO



This idea started two years ago with a sketch, then solid works engineering. We are excited to finally release it to the world. The Reaper is 111 grams, 6 inches long and 15mm in diameter. It is NOT for the weak. After creating prototypes in Aluminum as well as steel, it was very clear that this beast had to be all steel. All of our pens are Cerakoted by Blown Deadline. Their work speaks for itself.  This is our chance to allow the world to love this pen as much as we do.

Our Pre Oder Campaign was a success and all orders have been delivered.  We are planning on our next release limited to 100 pieces on September 1st, don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of history!!!!


Reaper Standard

 All pens will have a brushed steel inside barrel, black cerakote supressor cap and black cerakote pen heads. Premium wood box is standard as well as a *12 month warranty.

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Cerakote options

This selection is made after you selected the item to buy, there is a mandatory form.

1. Cerakote black  2. Desert Multi Cam   3. Standard Multi Cam

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